I almost died last night…

So not really. I’m exaggerating. I didn’t even come close to being hurt and the only after effect was a slight headache. And I think that was less from the jolt of the car than from the stress of having to adult while slightly panicking. But let me tell you. At the moment, I really thought I was going to die. I’m quite proud of myself for keeping my cool and not having a total and complete meltdown.

And the thing is that this isn’t even the first time that something like this has happened to me.

When I was in community college in Iowa Falls, I worked at Pizza Hut.


I was never really that excited to be at work. 

I worked on the evening of Valentine’s day, a Saturday night, and was driving home at the end of my shift. I was planning to meet with my boyfriend at the time and spend time with another couple that we knew. We were going to watch a movie or something but we ended up trying to put the spare tire on, with the help from the security guard.

So anyway, on my way home from work, I’m driving down the road that the dorm was on. I’m almost to the parking lot when the car coming from the other direction drifts into my lane. I lay on the horn and have to swerve up the curb to avoid hitting the other car. The other car turns back into their own lane and drives off. I slowly pull into the parking lot, get out of the car, and then start crying because I’ve never had a flat before. My poor car! Technically, it was my dad’s poor car. We got the spare on and I got a new tire. (No thanks to the crappy service center at one of the places in Iowa Falls. I had to take my car back to Grinnell to get if fixed finally, about a month later)

That was a hectic experience for me, and I don’t do hectic very well.

And I was put into another hectic situation again last night.

I’m driving home from a friend’s house. I’m on a four lane road, speed limit of 45 and I’m going about 47. There’s a large median through the road. I’m in the left lane because eventually I need to turn left to get on the interstate. I’m listening to “Dreams” by Fleetwood Mac. I’m tired and ready to be home, because it’s really hard to me to stay up past 10 anymore.

I look in my rearview and see two cars coming up on me and they are going very fast. I kind of get one of those feelings where you know something is going to happen. So then these cars keep gaining on me and the one in my lane moves over to go around me. They have to be going at least 60 because it doesn’t take long for them to come even with me. One is a van and the other a small SUV. It’s almost like they were racing each other and the van was impatient to get back in the left lane to go around the SUV.

The van swerves into the left lane too soon and I’m once again honking my horn and going up the curb to avoid a crash. My heart is beating a thousand beats per second and I can tell that I’ve popped a tire. So I pull over, pissed that the cars were going too fast to get license plates, and turn my hazards on. I get out of the car and see that my front driver’s side tire is super flat. I turn to check that there’s still no one coming and see that, OH! So is the back tire. Yay.

I got a tow and I’m sure it’ll get fixed on Monday sometime. AJ came to get me because he’s the best boyfriend ever. While we waited for the tow to come I stared at my awesome car that I bought about a year and a half ago and knew that I’d feel a little trapped when I woke up today and remembered that I can’t go anywhere unless AJ drives me because I’m too anxious to learn how to drive his manual.


My first car that I actually own by myself.

So, anyway, this was the story of how I seem to become invisible on the road late on Saturday nights. I think I’ve learned my lesson that I just shouldn’t drive anywhere after 10pm on Saturdays ever again.